Colossal Amusements is producing the "Share Life" TV Special which will air for 3 hours
live in national syndication.  The premise is simple: motivate people to sign up to be organ
donors by showing the need and how others are helped by giving.

"Share Life" won’t ask for any money but instead for viewers to go online to instantly sign
up or call in to our phone bank for a donor card mail-out.  A tote board will tally the number
of signed donors as the show progresses.

"Share Life" begins with a live uplink to a hospital or home to show someone who is in dire
need of a transplant to emphasize the life or death immediate need for organ donations. 
Near the end of the program we will go back to that person to reiterate their situation. 
This is extreme reality TV.

"Share Life" will educate prospective donors by showing stories of those who have been
helped by donors or donated themselves. 

"Share Life" will update viewed, taped stories by having the folks in them appear live
in the studio or by satellite.  We hope to have a dynamic host LIKE Mandy Patinkin, star
of stage and screen ("Homeland") who had a double cornea transplant or LIKE Dr. Oz
who has a national fan base already at large.

"Share Life" will have segments that explain the "how" of donation, religious views on
the matter, and why it matters (18 people die a day waiting for organs).  We will have
doctors in the transplant field give their opinions about how successful transplants are
today, the need, and how more patients can survive if others share life. 

We will stress that unlike other telethons, we can give actual cures right now to people in need--it’s all about the number of donors.

With the right financial and broadcast support, "Share Life" can air annually and expand
to larger audiences and maybe worldwide as well.


            Frank Cromer
            Executive Producer
            Colossal Amusements Corporation                         614.701.1483

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